AAMI Certification Institute

The certification programs recognize healthcare technology management professionals whose practice reflects a high degree of knowledge about medical devices and clinical practice as well as skill in implementing electro-mechanical talent in the repair and maintenance of devices used in the delivery of healthcare. Achieving ACI certification indicates that certification candidates have demonstrated a broad knowledge skill set in the specific certification area.


Benefits of certification

ACI’s well-respected certification program has set the bar for HTM professionals since the early 1970’s. ACI has five certifications that can help you take your career to the next level, including one for the industrial sterilization professional.

ACI certifications:

  • Add instant credibility.
  • Increase job opportunities.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Certification is more than just initials after your name. It shows that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be good at your job. You have taken the time to prepare, pass, and make the commitment to continue to grow through future education when you become certified.


Types of Certification

Certified Associate in Biomedical Technology(CABT)

A certified associate in biomedical technology is an individual who is new to or planning to enter the HTM field and looking to earn an entry level certification to kick-start their career.

Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET)

Healthcare technology management professionals that desire a CBET certification are expected to have experience in a wide-range of electromechanical devices, computers, networks and software used in the delivery of healthcare.

Certified Radiology Equipment Specialist (CRES)

Healthcare technology management professionals that desire a CRES certification are expected to have experience in a wide-range of medical imaging modalities, electromechanical devices, computers, networks and software used in the delivery of healthcare.

Certified Healthcare Technology Manager (CHTM)

The healthcare technology manager is a person responsible for planning and directing activities of other healthcare technology management professionals, monitoring their work, and taking corrective actions when necessary.

Certified Industrial Sterilization Specialist (CISS)

An industrial sterilization specialist is a person who understands the principles of sterilization process development, validation, control, and management as part of the manufacture of healthcare products.


The candidate must complete the online application/registration form and pay the appropriate fees at least seven days in advance of the exam testing window. Exams are delivered through computer-based testing at testing centers nationwide during the two testing windows. If you have any questions, please email ACI at aci@aami.org.

Applications are reviewed to verify information and documentation to determine eligibility and will be kept confidential. Candidates will not be discriminated against based on race, religion, creed, age, gender or national origin or ancestry.

Candidates who meet the program requirements will receive confirmation of their acceptance into the program via email. They will then be able to register for a specific exam site and time to take the test. Candidates who do not meet the program requirements will receive an email indicating the month and year they will be eligible to take the exam(s).

If the application is incomplete, the candidate will receive an e-mail explaining what is missing and will have 30 days to respond. If the candidate does not respond, the candidate must then submit in writing a request for a refund minus the application fee. The application may be deemed incomplete for reasons such as:

  • Application is not complete.
  • Application is not signed.
  • Appropriate fees are not submitted.
  • Proper documentation is not submitted.

If the application is denied, the candidate will receive an email stating the reason for the denial. Candidates will have 30 days to respond. The application may be denied for reasons such as:

  • Failure to demonstrate eligibility in academic, work experience, or specialized training.
  • Falsification of any information on the exam application.

Login is required to complete the registration. If you don't have an AAMI account, you can create one for free.

Exam content outlines are available for every exam.Candidates can find the outlines at the back of this handbook. The content outline provides information such as the number and type of questions; how long the candidate will have to complete the exam; what materials the candidate may bring to the exam; and percentage of questions per category.

Computer-based testing candidates are required to provide the exam proctor two (2) forms of identification (one must be a photo government issued ID). Secondary identification would be a credit card, bank debit card, employee identification card. NOTE: In the United States a Social Security card is “not” an acceptable form of identification. Candidates should also bring their confirmation email that contains the exam launch code with them on testing day in order to begin the test. The confirmation email will include the test date, time, testing center location and exam the candidate is taking. If the candidate loses or does not receive his/her confirmation email after scheduling the exam, please contact the ACI at 703-525-4890.

The candidate must arrive at the exam location at least 15 minutes prior to the exam starting time. Late arrivals will not be admitted to the room and will be considered “no shows” and lose all exam fees paid.

Exams are scored making every effort to ensure that the score is reported within a reasonable time period and that the score accurately reflects the points received by the candidate. This may involve hand scoring exams to verify results and/or reviewing candidate comments. Candidates are encouraged to write comments in the comment section of the exam. Comments can be related to a specific question; the administration of the exam; or the exam site conditions. Comments that would affect whether a candidate passes or fails an exam will be reviewed before the exam is scored. All other comments are reviewed by the ACI Board at their regularly scheduled meetings.

Preliminary results will be given immediately following the completion of the exam and within 24 hours of completing their exam via email. Results will be reported as “pass” or “fail.” If the exam is using a new test form, results will be delayed up to sixty days after the testing window closes for exam committees to review and confirm the passing score.

Candidates who pass an exam and achieve a certification will be notified of their passing status within 45 days. They will receive an official ACI certificate and a wallet card that they may carry with them.

Candidates who fail an exam will be provided with diagnostic information. The “analysis of performance” identifies the knowledge areas in which the candidate’s performance is deficient and is intended to help the candidate become better prepared before sitting for the exam again.

Please note: When new exam forms are added to the program, results will be delayed up to 60 days for ACI exam committees to review.

  Member Fee Non-member Fee
Exam Fees    
CABT Exam Fee $225 $275
CABT Retake Fee $175 $225
CBET & CRES Exam Fee $375
($100 is non-refundable)
($100 is non-refundable)
CBET & CRES Retake Fee (non-refundable) $325 $375
CHTM Exam Fee $450
($100 is non-refundable)
($100 is non-refundable)
CHTM Retake Fee
$400 $475
CISS Exam Fee – Core $300
($100 is non-refundable)
($100 is non-refundable)
CISS Exam Fee – Specialty (each) $300 $350
CISS Retake Fees
$250 $300
Late Registration Fee
$50 additional $50 additional
Rescheduling Fee
(outside of 5 business days)
$50 $50
Rescheduling Fee
(within of 5 business days)     
Forfeit all exam fees Forfeit all exam fees
No Show Fee Forfeit all exam fees Forfeit all exam fees

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