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AAMI membership is composed of a diverse group of over 11,000 healthcare technology professionals. Through standards, training, conferences, publications, and other resources, AAMI is shaping the future of health technology. AAMI members receive a wealth of perks and access to timely news and information. AAMI’s benefits and services help members stay informed of technology developments, improve their professional skills, and enhance patient safety.

Membership Categories


Several tiers to meet your needs. Students and retirees join for free.

Benefits Include: 

  • Discounts on ACI certification exams and renewal fees (20% off)
  • Free access to HTM resources
  • Significant savings on all AAMI training and event registrations


For healthcare delivery organizations, universities, research institutions, and professional societies.

Benefits Include: 

  • Special pricing on standards eSubscriptions (up to 30% off)
  • Free access to HTM resources
  • Discounts on all AAMI products, events, and training


For medical device manufacturers, software and service providers, and consulting firms.

Benefits Include:

  • Opportunity to participate in over 230 AAMI standards committees
  • Savings on AAMI public and private training courses
  • Deep discounts on AAMI conferences and events, including AAMI neXus and eXchange

Member Resources


No problem. You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link at the bottom left of the login page. If you need to update your username, call us at 1-800-332-2264 or email
Go to your profile page. Select "Invoices and Receipts" in the left navigation bar, and then "All Orders" to view, print and/or download your receipts and invoices. You can also contact for additional assistance.

Individual members can renew through their AAMI profile. Go to the "Individual Memberships, certifications, and eSubscriptions" tab and select the "Renew" link in the top right corner of the appropriate membership item.

Corporate and institutional memberships can only be renewed online by their primary representatives. From your AAMI profile, hover over the "Join/Renew Membership" link at the top right and choose the appropriate membership type.

For additional assistance, call Membership at 1-800-332-2264 or email

We can help you determine your company's membership status. Call AAMI at 1-800-332-2264 or email
Access to AAMI's roster tool is only available to the organization's primary representative. If you are the primary rep, make sure you are logged in and navigate to your profile page. Select the "Organizational Roster" tab in the left navigation bar. From there, you can make changes to your employee and rep roster. You can view this short video that walks you through each function.
If an individual is employed part-or full-time by a company or consulting firm working in the medical device or health technology field and wants to participate in AAMI's standards development program, the company or consulting firm must pay a committee fee. If the company or consulting firm joins AAMI as a corporate member, the committee fee is waived. If an individual is a clinician and wants to participate in AAMI's standards development program, individual AAMI membership is not required. For more information about this, please contact Membership at