The latest sterilization standard for endoscope reprocessing in healthcare facilities 

The objective of ST91 is to provide comprehensive guidance to achieve best practice for each stage of processing flexible endoscopes as well for competency and education of staff.  Meticulous attention to all steps in the processing of flexible endoscopes and accessories is critical to ensure that they are rendered safe for subsequent patient use. The updated standard provides new guidelines for precleaning, leak-testing, cleaning, packaging (where indicated), storage, high level disinfecting, and/or sterilizing of flexible gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopes; flexible bronchoscopes; flexible ear, nose, and throat endoscopes; surgical flexible endoscopes (e.g., flexible ureteroscopes); and semi-rigid operative endoscopes (e.g., choledochoscopes) in health care facilities. These guidelines are intended to provide comprehensive information and direction for health care personnel.