AAMI Credentials Institute FAQs and Resources


Complete information about the certification process is available in the ACI Certification Candidate Handbook. If you have questions, please review our FAQs below or reach out to us for further assistance.

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A: All receipts can be downloaded directly from https://store.aami.org by logging in and clicking on 'Invoices and Receipts' on the left side of your profiled page. From there, you'll be able to select the ‘Order’ that you are seeking a receipt for.

A: If you were eligible to sit for the exam as a Candidate, and now have the necessary requirements needed for Full certification, you’ll need to complete and submit a completed Upgrade Application Form via email to aci@aami.org.

A: You can find your Certification ID number on your ACI renewal card, or by emailing aci@aami.org

A: No. If you would like to become an AAMI member and enjoy a wide array of member benefits, you will need to apply for membership. Visit www.aami.org/membership to find out which membership category works best for you.

A: If you have any issues with certification related decisions, please email ACI at aci@aami.org. In some cases, you may have the right to submit an ACI Appeal Form that will be reviewed by the ACI Board.

A: There are two different statuses that a certificant can apply for when they retire from the field: Retired and Emeritus. Both status changes require that you are not actively working in the field on either a part-time or full-time basis. If you return to the field, you must notify ACI immediately.

Qualifications for Emeritus Status:

  • Retired from employment in the HTM profession, whose number of years certified, when added to their years of work experience in the HTM field, is greater or equal to 30 years; or;
  • Retired from employment in the HTM field and held at least 15 years of continuous years of active certification status.

Individuals earning the Emeritus status will no longer be required to submit a continuing practice journal or recertification fee, and they will be listed in the on-line registry with an “E” after their designation (CBET-E, CHTM-E, etc.)

Individuals who do not meet these requirements can still apply for Retired Status. Individuals are required to submit $25 renewal fee every three years to maintain this status but no CEUs are required.

All individuals are required to complete and submit the Status Change Form in order to switch their status and avoid having their certification revoked. If you have questions, please email ACI at aci@aami.org.

A: All facets of ACI’s certification programs are spelled out in detail in the ACI Certification Handbook

A: Yes, please contact ACI at aci@aami.org for more information.
A certificant may apply for a leave of absence for one of the two following reasons:

  • Health reasons
  • Military deployment
Candidates must submit the application and the following documentation with request:
  • Doctor or deployment orders
  • All CEUs, including documentation, earned to that point in their recertification cycle.
Once granted, the leave of absence will only last two years and during that time, the certification will be marked as inactive.
When the candidate is ready to return to active status, they will be required to submit the necessary CEUs to complete their cycle and submit their renewal fee. Once the fee and necessary CEUs are submitted and approved, the certificant’s certification will be returned to active status. The certification cycle may be adjusted depending on the return of the suspension.



A: Scheduled exams can be rescheduled if the request is submitted in writing to aci@aami.org within 5-business days of the exam date. Once inside the 5-business day window, the exam must be taken or else your fees will be forfeited.

A: Each ACI exam has a complete content outline listed on the ACI webpages. In addition to the outline, a list of references is available in the handbook for each exam. If you would like additional study materials, AAMI offers the CBET Smart Practice for the BMET-related exams, the CBET Study Course (online or eLearning) for the CBET exam, the CHTM Study Course (online) for the CHTM exam, and the BMET101 (eLearning) course for the CABT exam. Each of these AAMI courses and products can be found at www.aami.org/store. Courses are offered in April and October prior to the testing windows.

A: To sit for an ACI certification exam, you need to complete an online Exam Application . Once submitted, an ACI representative will review the application and provide you with an approved or denied email within 2-3 business days of the submission. After receiving the approval, you will need to follow the instructions to register for a date and time at a testing center via our testing company’s online portal, Webassessor.

Certification Exam # of Total Exam Questions
CABT 100
CBET 165
CRES 165
CHTM 100
CISS-Core 75

A: Unlike the other ACI exams, which must be taken at an approved testing location, the CABT can be taken from anywhere, if your device and location meet the requirements laid out for online proctored exams. To find more information on requirements and expectations for online proctored exams, please review the ACI Certification Handbook.

If an exam is scheduled within Webassessor and missed, unfortunately, you will have to reapply and pay the exam fee again. If you apply for an exam but do not schedule an exam with a testing center, and fail to schedule within the testing window, your application can be moved to the next window. This can only be done one time before your application and fees are forfeited.

A: If an exam is scheduled within Webassessor and missed, unfortunately, you will have to reapply and pay the exam fee again. If you apply for an exam but do not schedule an exam with a testing center, and fail to schedule within the testing window, your application can be moved to the next window. This can only be done one time before your application and fees are forfeited.

A: Official exam results will be mailed 30-45 days from the last day of the testing window. Preliminary results will be sent immediately after submitting your exam, except in cases of a new exam form, then results will be delayed.


A: No, the CABT does not have renewal requirements. Once earned, the CABT designation lasts 5 years. This is a non-renewable designation. Should a candidate wish to hold the CABT longer than 5 years, they must retake and pass the exam.

A: Your personal online journal can be accessed by logging into https://store.aami.org and clicking ‘My CEU Journal’. From here you can add and submit CEU activities for your current reporting period.

A: Typically, it takes 3-5 business days for ACI to review a journal and open the online payment order for you. Once ACI approves your journal, you will be sent instructions to log into https://store.aami.org to pay your renewal fee in your ‘Invoices and Receipts’ tab. ACI will print the updated renewal card/letters weekly and mail it out. If you are submitting your journal within the last few weeks of December, however, it will take longer due to the heavy rate of submission at that time.

A: If you have multiple certifications, you only need 30 CEUs to renewal all of them. Once your online journal has at least 30 CEUs submitted, ACI will review and approve all designations that are due for renewal.

A: The grace period for recertification is 90 days. After the 90-day grace period, any certifications still outstanding will be revoked. Renewals submitted in the grace period will be charged a late fee.

A: At least 30 CEUs are due at the time of your expiration date. If you don’t have the necessary CEUs, email aci@aami.org for guidance on how to earn them.

A: After you have successfully completed an exam, you will be required to submit 30 continuing education units and a renewal fee every three years to maintain the certification. You can find more details on the recertification process on the certification maintenance webpage or the ACI Certification Handbook.

A: Yes, it is strongly encouraged that you document and submit your CEUs as you earn them. This can be done as often as you wish by accessing your online journal at aci@aami.org. Once logged into your ‘My CEU Journal’, you can add CEU activities by clicking ‘Add New Entry’ and submitting them as they are added. If you have any questions about adding CEUs to your online journal, please email ACI at aci@aami.org.

A: If your certification(s) has been revoked, you will be required to reapply and take and pass the exam during one of the two testing windows annually.